Canine TPLO Surgery for Cruciate Ligament Damage


Boo is our little Staffie Cross she had her corrective surgery for her cruciate ligament injury  3 weeks ago now.  Her staples are now removed and she is putting more weight through her leg than she did before the operation.  Boo had the TPLO surgery.


Boo is doing extremely well after surgery, she is having her final X-rays next week and will start her Canine Hydrotherapy Treatment the week after.  She has built up her walks now and will be allowed off lead hopefully in a couple of weeks.  Canine TPLO surgery has certainly given Boo a new lease of life.


For informatoin of how to book onto one of our Canine First Aid Courses in the East Midlands please see our Canine First Aid page.  Our Canine First Aid Online Course will be up and running soon…



Boo is having her final X-rays tomorrow to check to see if the plates are still in place.  The muscle structure is improving again on her leg and her exercise regime is picking up again.  Next step will be hydrotherapy.


January 2015:

TPLO surgery has gone better than I thought, we have now reduced the pain relief to 50mg daily, Boo is still on lead walks building her up and will be starting some Hydrotherapy in a pool to also help to relieve pain and build up her muscle structure again.


February 2015:

Boo has now had two sessions on the treadmil of 2-3 minutes, her muscle structure is improving all of the time.  She is still on lead walks, I would recommend not rushing the exercise regime after this type of surgery.

To view Boo having her 2nd Treatmill session for her rehabililation please click on link below.


Boo 2nd Treatmill Session part one






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