Puppy Introduction to Older Dog Aggressive Dog

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Ripley our Old Tyme Bully was attacked when younger and has been dog aggressive for over 1 year now.  She has not allowed another dog near her in all of that time and has to be muzzled when walked and kept seperate from our other dogs.  We were presented with an opportunity to introduce her to a bulldog puppy and decided to try it.

Cooper is a British Bulldog 13 week old.  We are now on day 3 of the introduction to all dogs. Cooper has been safe in a training crate throughout the process and only allowed time out with no other dogs in the room.  I will film Ripley’s development with him to help other owners with difficult introductions.  I am happily surprised on day 3 with Ripley’s progress.    Cooper has for the past two days turned his back on her and tried not to interact as Ripley bashed the crate with her head and stood very stiff tail high in the air.

A few days into the introduction, Ripley is still displaying signs of dominance and slight aggression.  She has not been in contact with a dog face to face for over  a year due to her fear.  Click on link below to watch her response.


1 week into introduction: Today she is different, we have ignored all of her dominant or aggressive behaviour and praised her good behaviour considerably.  She has today waged her tail, displaed play bows and tried to lick him through the bars, Cooper has clearly displayed relaxed behaviour in response by laying down belly in the air and also displaying play bows. . Eight days into the introduction and Ripley has ow started to play with Cooper out of his crate, she has not played with a dog for over a year and they both seem to be learning from each other.  It is important at this stage to oversee their interaction and ensure Cooper feels safe and praise Ripely for her good behaviour

2 weeks into the introduction and Ripley has surprised us all.  She is still not allowed alone time but things are looking positive.  Click on link below to see them playing.


3 weeks into the Introduction and Ripley and Cooper are doing well together,  our other females are still on limted time with Cooper just walking around the room and lead walks.



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