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Currently all proceeds are being donated to the rescued dogs from the Yulin Meat Festival

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Study online at your own pace

Easy to follow course broken down into individual modules.

Develop your confidence in all areas of first aid.

Learn essential life saving skills

Develop knowledge you require to work with and own dogs of all kinds

Use hours for professional development and CPD

All criteria listed below


Gain your Online Certificate once completed. 

Learn bandaging skills

Learn bandaging skills

Canine First Aid

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Module 1 Rules of Engagement
Unit 1 The Basic Rules
Unit 2 When to give first aid
Module 2 Dealing with Shock
Unit 1 Trauma and Shock - Signs and Symptoms
Unit 2 Management of Shock
Module 3 Types of Emegergencies
Unit 1 Classification of emergencies
Module 4 Cardio Pulmonary Rescusitaton, Near Drowning and Choking
Unit 1 Cardio Pulmonary Rescusitation
Unit 2 Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Skills
Unit 3 Near Drowning
Unit 4 CPR Bullet Points
Unit 5 Choking Managment
Module 5 Vital Signs
Unit 1 Vital Signs - pulse rate activity
Unit 2 Vital Signs - Activity Heart Rate
Unit 3 Vital Signs - Activity Respiratory Rate
Unit 4 Vital Signs - Activity Temperature
Module 6 Minor Insect Bites and Stings
Unit 1 Insect Stings and Bites
Unit 2 Insect Bites and Stings - Treatments
Module 7 Snake Bites and Emgergency Insect Stings/Bites
Unit 1 Snake Bites
Unit 2 Snake Bites - Management
Module 8 Scald and Burns
Unit 1 Minor Burns (1st and 2nd) - Management
Unit 2 Sunburn (1st and 2nd degree) - Management
Unit 3 Third Degree Burns - Management
Unit 4 Hyperthermia - Signs and Symptoms
Unit 5 Hyperthermia - Prevention
Unit 6 Hyperthermia - Management
Unit 7 Heatstroke - Management
Module 9 Hypothermia (cold)
Unit 1 Signs of Hypothermia
Unit 2 Management of Hypothermia
Module 10 Cuts and Lacerations
Unit 1 Cuts and Lacerations - Assessment
Unit 2 Cuts and Lacerations - Non life-threatening
Unit 3 Cuts - Management
Module 11 Suspected Poisoning
Unit 1 Poisoning - signs and symptoms
Unit 2 Poisons in your home and garden
Unit 3 Poison - Management
Unit 4 Poisons - flushing debris from the eye
Unit 5 Poisons - inducing vomiting
Unit 6 Situations when not to induce vomiting
Module 12 Electric Shock Injuries
Unit 1 Electric Shock Injury - Management
Module 13 Sprains and Broken Bones
Unit 1 Sprains - Management
Unit 2 Broken Bones - Signs and Management
Module 14 Fits and Seizures
Unit 1 Fits and Seizures - Management
Module 15 Boat (Gastric Dilation)
Unit 1 Bloat - Signs and Symptoms
Unit 2 Bloat - Prevention
Module 16 Bandaging Techniques
Unit 1 Bandaging Techniques
Unit 2 Bandaging techniques -paws and lower legs
Module 17 Handling and Moving Injured Dogs
Unit 1 Handling Injured Dogs - what do you need to consider?
Unit 2 Dos and Don'ts
Unit 3 Transporting Various Conditions
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